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We collaborate with important Partners who deal with web monitoring, relational marketing and Information Technology.

We always aim higher and higher and we are never satisfied with the standard, , that’s why we employ excellent collaborators who work side by side with us to choose the best opportunities to seize, allowing our clients to reach commendable results.


Selligent, with its involvement platform designed for relational marketing, is capable of satisfying the consumer’s needs in a very profiled and personalized way.
Thanks to our partnership you will be able to create significant dialogues with your costumers, optimize and speed up the processes, increasing the productivity and improving the internal synergies.
Using our skills, we identify new prospects with the purpose of helping our clients to reach a new audience and understanding their needs in order to increase the ROI.


ERICSOFT, Management software professionals for hotels and restaurants with advanced solutions aimed at setting up the management of your hotel on cloud or on your server.


Passion, continuous research and experience guide our partnership towards a more detailed attention to the needs of the single clients.

This allows us to develop our projects and to always obtain the best performance from the most advanced platforms available and from the strategies we plan.


Rankur has the role of a strategic partner among the monitoring activities of online reviews, blog , news on forums and social networks. The professionalism and efficiency of the monitoring sets the groundwork to build a valid relationship with the client. Thanks to this important partnership we identify the opinion leaders, we help you to come into contact with the online communities and together we follow your successes.


Up provider is definitely a high level business reality in the server management, an ideal service for small, medium and big companies. Thanks to our partnership we provide Information Technologies solutions highly reliable and easily scalable.


UPSTORY  is a network of over 4.000 premium sites, vertical blogs and social influencers which helps promoting the branded content, creating the maximum engagement with a forefront technology that helps monetizing the audience to the best, through sponsored posts.

Thanks to our partnership we create innovative advertising for the sponsored contents, with outstanding ads for the user. Together we contact, we involve, we influence!We give the brands a better visibility, a right reputation and that dose of persuasion they need to spread their value among the communities.

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